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Sharing - Delete Access


Is there any way to give delete acces with a sharing rule?? Sales team's data adminiastrators should have it (even for merging records) but I DON'T WANT to give them "modify all" permission.

I've tried to write some APEX but it seems there's NO solution for my problem.

I cannot make a sharing rule for records with "all" access level. I even cannot write the ContactId field so I'm not sure I'm able to create any kind of sharing rule for each records with APEX.

My other idea was to change the owner before merge actions. Btu the problem is that the examination of user access runs before the before triggers. So this is  also not possible...

Can I do anything or this is a big defect of salesforce???



There is a "Full Access Sharing" feature; I believe it's meant to be a part of the Wealth Management Edition. You can ask if that would resolve the issue.


Alternatively, I would recommend a VIsualforce page using a system-mode controller (one that does not use "with sharing"). Apex Code has the ability to ignore sharing entirely, so you can create a page that performs the merge just like the standard feature.