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Functionality Of SOQL And SOSL

Hi my name is Amar and i am very new to Salesforce and as well as SOQL and SOSL languages.


I have a doubt regarding the inner functionality of SOSL. Here is the point i created an Account, i gave a Account Namelike "Sonia and" with out double quotes and also i gave Account Number like "and" in the same record. 


I opend Apex Explorer in that i opened SOSL tab and i am trying to search a record "Sonia and and and" here Sonia and is Account name. "and" this one is a operator(Marked as red in a search string). and the last "and" is Account Number. So when i click Send Request in SOSL tab it gave result.


Here my problem is how the salesforce will treat and operator. Here i have three "and" words. In these three how the salesforce detect which one is operator "and" which one is normal "and" word...?


Can anybody gave a solution for this one. If any link is there please provide those links..


Thanx In Advance..


Thanks & Regards