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Regarding test case


This is my trigger and can any one help me with the test case

trigger trgPopulateProcessConsultant on Case (before Insert, before Update) {

    If(Trigger.New.Size() == 1)
        If(Trigger.New[0].AccountId != Null)
            Opportunity[] Opp = [Select Id, Sales_Consultant__c, Process_Consultant__c from Opportunity where AccountId = :Trigger.New[0].AccountId Order By CreatedDate Desc];
            If(Opp.Size() > 0)
                Trigger.New[0].Opportunity_Name__c = Opp[0].Id;
                If((Opp[0].Process_Consultant__c != Null) && (Opp[0].Process_Consultant__c != '')&& (Trigger.New[0].Type.contains('Suggestions')) && (Trigger.New[0].Case_Reason__c.contains('Process'))) 
                    Trigger.New[0].OwnerId = Opp[0].Process_Consultant__c;
                else if((Opp[0].Sales_Consultant__c != Null) && (Opp[0].Sales_Consultant__c != '') && (Trigger.New[0].Type.contains('Suggestions')) && (Trigger.New[0].Case_Reason__c.contains('Sales')))
                    Trigger.New[0].OwnerId = Opp[0].Sales_Consultant__c;

I am getting 75 % code coverage . i want to made it 100% , Red lines r not covered


My test case,


private class trgPopulateProcessConsultant_TESTS{
    static testMethod void mytestclass(){
    //Case c = [Select id from Case limit 1];
    Account a = [Select id, name from account limit 1 ];
    Opportunity o = [Select id ,name from opportunity where Process_Consultant__c = '' limit 1 ];
    Case c = new Case ();
    c.accountid = a.id;
    c.Opportunity_Name__c  = o.id;
    c.CurrencyIsoCode = '';
    c.Status = 'New';
    c.Origin = 'Email';
    c.Case_Reason__c = 'Process';
    c.Type = 'Suggestions';
        Insert c;





First of all, what I would suggest you is "Never" query in your testClasses, you should instead create test data for all objects that you'll need.


So instead of querying for Account & Opportunity, you can create new test record for both these objects.



Regarding your coverage, 

Opportunity o = [Select id ,name from opportunity where Process_Consultant__c = '' limit 1 ];


here you are getting that opportunity which has a BLANK Process_Consultant__c field, which DOES NOT satisfy your IF Condition, hence it is not covering this line :

  Trigger.New[0].OwnerId = Opp[0].Process_Consultant__c;


So , all you need to do is prepare test data, which has the values that satisfy your If conditions, and both your lines will be covered.




Now i am getting error as portal user so i have to keep Isnot equal portal .


I used Usertype = , but i am unable to see pick list values.