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Documented breakdown of <apex:detail> as granular elements for visualforce development?

I'm building a visualforce page to replace the default contact detail view.


We've got some custom fields that we know want to modify the output of - relatively trivial html/css tweaks to highlight the fields in unique ways. But we otherwise want to keep the layout and features the out of the box contact view/declarative definitions of stuff give us.


I see that I can customize <apex:detail> by explicitly turning things off through attributes... but I think I need to rebuild it "manually" with all the appropriate and as granular as possible apex elements and then do the wee bits of html/operations on displaying the values of the custom fields I care about to get my exception.


This is pretty tedious and I am new to this. Am I missing anything obvious? Are there examples or tools that'll help me reproduce a standard view as a custom visualforce page with granular elements easily, so I can focus on just my modifications?






I'm sorry - I posed under the wrong category, this is clearly more appropriate for the visualforce development area.