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Newline Apex problem

I'm trying to construct a csv file from datafields and email it to a person. This isn't a problem and works perfectly.


The problem I'm having is when excel reads the csv file and trys to interpret the new lines or carriage returns, it spits out boxes where a carriage return appears: ▖


I have tried stripping/trimming out all extra whitespace whilst maintaining the newlines with no luck. 


Here are some code samples:

cleanString = '\"'+dirtyString.replaceAll('[\n\r]', '').trim()+'\"'; //works but doesn't maintain one newline


cleanString = '\"'+dirtyString.replaceAll('\\r', '')+'\"'; //doesn't work


String [] array = dirtyString.split('[\n\r]');
for (Integer i = 0; i < address.size(); i++) {
	cleanString = cleanString+address[i].trim()+'\n';
}//doesn't work, still has boxes after every new line



The Email attachment object is:

Blob b = blob.valueOf(csv);
Messaging.EmailFileAttachment efa = new Messaging.EmailFileAttachment();
mail.setFileAttachments(new Messaging.EmailFileAttachment[] {efa});

 where 'csv' is the comma separated string.


Any ideas anyone? 

Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

The solution I went for was splitting on newlines and putting them in different cells:


String [] streetA = street.split('[\n\r]');
String street1 = streetA[0], street2 = '', street3 = '';
for (Integer i = 0; i < streetA.size(); i++) {
	if (streetA.get(i).equals('')) {
		i--; //Decrement counter since we removed an empty item from the list
if (streetA.size() == 2) {
	street2 = streetA[1];
} else if (streetA.size() == 3) {
	street2 = streetA[1];
	street3 = streetA[2];


Its not the prettiest of solutions but its better than having new lines in a cell.