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Email should be sent to a person and body of email is "Status field changed from X to Y"

Hi folks!!!


I've created one object PIF and developed a visualforce page with the standard controller as PIF__c.


Basically this PIF form consists of some 40 to 50 fields.Let us suppose there are 3 fields, Company,Phone and Address.


I have filled the PIF form and saved the record.The I clicked on Edit and modified Company field from X to Y,

Phone field from 9030236517 to 9654879526,

Address field from Vijayawada to hyderabad.


An email should be sent to the record owner or some other person with the below content:


Company field has been changed from X to Y

Phone field has been changed from 9030236517 to 9654879526

Address field has been changed from Vijayawada to hyderabad


Writing workflows for each and every field is not a best practice I think.


Kindly suggest me with a solution ASAP.


Thanks in advance.



Jagadeesh K.




So not to sound like a marketing guy or anything, but this is the kind of use case Chatter really aims to solve.  Is that an option?