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Opportunity Products

I have an opportunity, ExOp that I receive through a query.


Opportunity ExOp = [SELECT name from opportunity

                                    WHERE (AccountId = :o.AccountId and ForecastCategoryName !='Closed')

                                    ORDER BY CloseDate ASC NULLS last LIMIT 1];


I am trying to access the list of product in it. (is it OpportunityLineItem?)

Specifically, I want to get to the 'Product2' and 'quantity' fields.

Can someone suggest code to access it?



use below Query with your Where Condtions

 list<Opportunity> lstOpportunity=[SELECT Amount, Id, Name, (SELECT Quantity, ListPrice,PriceBookEntry.UnitPrice, PricebookEntry.Name,PricebookEntry.product2.id  FROM OpportunityLineItems)         FROM Opportunity where id=:oppId];





I was trying to follow your advice, but am still having problems.


I created the following query:


             list<Opportunity> lstOpportunity = [SELECT Amount, Id, Name,

(SELECT Quantity, ListPrice, PriceBookEntry.UnitPrice, 

                                              PricebookEntry.Name, PricebookEntry.product2.id

                                  FROM OpportunityLineItems) 

   FROM Opportunity

   WHERE (AccountId = :o.AccountId and ForecastCategoryName !='Closed') 

                                                                           ORDER BY CloseDate ASC NULLS last LIMIT 10];


I would have liked to print a list of products for the opportunity, and their quantity.

I would like to use a statement like:


ExOp.Description = 'Product name ' + listItem[0].name + ' Quantity ' + listItem[0].quantity;

ExOp.Description = 'Product name ' + listItem[1].name + ' Quantity ' + listItem[1].quantity;


How can I do it, using the results of the query above?