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ViewState issue in deleting items

I have a pretty complex VF page. 

User can select an item from a given list. There is an added item list on the side. User can deselect item from the added item list. During this select/deselect operation user stays in the same page.


After user has selected three items, the added item list shows three items. Now the user deselects the first item. The added list shows two items. Next when the user delselects second item from the added list the first deleted item re-appears.


The added list is maintained by

public Set<ID> addedItemIds{get;set;}



When an item is deselected I do remove the id from the addedItemIds. On second deselect the first removed item reappears.


I probalby can find the source of the problem by simplifying my code.


This post is for just in case someone has faced the same problem; please respond.




Did you find the root of the problem?  I am curious. Came accross similar issues on deselect