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prakash chaudharyprakash chaudhary 

How to put Horizontal line in Footer of the PDF page...

Here I have mentioned my all the code.

I need one horizontal line below my footer as showing part of footer but I am not gettting that ?

Since I have placed my code but It is not showing me that line so please tell me how can make that line...

I am giving my code here in that I have kept my all footers & header.

<apex:component >
    <!-- Component Attributes -->
    <apex:attribute type="string" name="type" description="Determines if the component renders as a header or footer" />
    <apex:attribute type="string" name="position" description="Determines if component should render the text on the left, center, or right" />
    <apex:attribute type="boolean" name="showPageNumbers" description="Determines if the header/footer information displays the page number information." />
    <!-- Component Variables -->    
    <apex:variable var="styleClass" value="{!LOWER(type)}_{!LOWER(position)}"/>
    <!-- Component Body -->
    <apex:outputPanel id="panelHeaderFooter" styleClass="{!styleClass}" layout="block">
        <apex:outputPanel layout="none" rendered="{!showPageNumbers}">           
            <div>Page <span class="pageNumber"/> of <span class="pageCount"/> </div>
        <apex:componentBody />

 The above code is my component & below I am pasting my css code.


@page { 
	size: letter portrait;
	margin-top: 100px;
	margin-bottom: 100px;	
	@bottom-left {
		content: element(footer_left);
	@bottom-center {
		content: element(footer_center);
	@bottom-right {
		content: element(footer_right);

.footer_center {
	text-align: center;
	position: running(footer_center);

.footer_right {
	text-align: right;
	position: running(footer_right);

// This is written to show line only not alignment...
.footer_line {
	position: running(footer_line);

.pageNumber:before {
	content: counter(page); 

.pageCount:before {
	content: counter(pages);  

 & I am trying to make horizontal line via this way....

<c:PDFHeaderFooter type="footer" position="line">
        <hr style="width:100%" />

Please help me in this...