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list.add(0,element) faults on empty list.

I guess this is more a rant than a question.


Do this--


List<Integer> myList = new list<Integer>();


And your program faults with an index out of bounds exception.


That forces you to code --


List<Integer> myList = new list<Integer>();
if (myList.size() == 0) { myList.add(86); } else { myList.add(0,86); }


It would be nice if you add(0,newElement) just added the element to the beginning of the list regardless of whether it had any members yet.


Java documentation on list.add() says -- IndexOutOfBoundsException - if the index is out of range (index < 0 || index > size())


So in Java index == size() would be legal. 


Why didn't they just to that in Apex?




Which line is causing this error?


If you do myList.add(0,xyzzy); on an empty list, you get an index out of bounds exception.