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no inserted data in automatic PDF sent


I've a site, in which users can select some choices.

The object behind has a child relationhip with the different items chosen by the user.


After inserting the record and the children items, i would like to send a PDF by email to the user to confirm him the selection he made.


The problem I've is the controller of the PDF page doesn't find the children of the object, as they were not there.

If i look in the object, everything is ok. If i add a commandlink on the last page to generate and send the pdf, it's ok too.

The problem appears only when i want to automate the PDF sending => insert and send in the same user interaction.


Has somebody an idea ? Is it a matter related  to the order of the actions, like insert is asynchronous and then when the call to the PDF generation is done, children are not really inserted yet ?


Thanks for your help