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Date issue with dataloader



I'm using dataloader 22.0 from the command line importing data from a CSV file , evrything works fine !!  except the date..

i think it's not the good format.. how can i fix that ?

Ali KhanAli Khan

Please Check the format of your date in CSV file and change it accordingly by clicking on tab "Data" and then format cells and choose Date.



thanks for the reply but this doen't work !  is there any other suggestion or steps so i can do that ?


Is that field is custom filed?

before that check your saleforce organization date.


thanks for the reply ..


We have two date field : a custom one , and a native one !


Kindly cross verfiy what is the date format in your salesforce organization and in the Excel file.(dd/MM/yyyy)

What is the name of the Native field? and also specify what is the error message you getting kindly post that also.


the date format in the excell file is dd/MM/yyyy 

the name of the native field is : Birthdate 

i'm not having any errors , the date is just wrong..

i can resolve the problem by adding <entry key="process.useEuropeanDates" value="true"/>  but the date is minus one day.

don't know how to check the date format in my salesforce organization ?