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Apex Trigger to Update Custom currency field? Help!

I have a custom formula field on the Opportunity Object called "Global_Total_Direct__C". This field is a custom currency formula field that looks at 2 other custom Roll-up Summary fields and puts 1 of the 2 values in it based on criteria.


The issue is I can not reference Formula fields in a new plugin I am using in Salesforce.com so I am trying to get the value from "Global_Total_Direct__C" populated into a new Custom Currency field I created called "Total Value".


I tried Workflow rules & Field Updates and it did not work. I am thinking maybe an Apex Trigger but I have no clue on how to write Apex code.


Any help is appreciated.






why don't you refer to the salesforce apex guide, there are simple examples to start with.It the examples are not enought, try to explain your difficulty then.