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Improvised Web to X controller

Hi Force.com,


First of all, thank you for being a huge help. Now I have a question.


I am planning to create a code that will enable me to create various types of objects using url parameters similar to that in the standard web to lead.


so that for a URL like this domain.force.com?o=Audits__c&Agent__c=agent&Agent_Gender__c=male


we have o as the object api name = Audits__c

Agent__c and Agent_Gender__c as custom fields in Audits__c


I wonder if it is possible to do something to the effect of


Audits__c a = new Audits__c();

MAP<String, String> urlp = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getParameters();

SET<String> pset = urlp.KeySet();

for(String f : pset)
            a.f = urlp.get(f);

insert a;


I know it doesn't work like that but that explains what I'm trying to come up with.

Thank you for your help.