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Round Robin Contact Assignment

Hello Gurus,

When we set up campaigns with Contacts/Leads in them, what is the best way to allocate those contacts/leads out to our sales staff? We already know about Lead Assignment rules, but that doesn't help us with Contacts and some of our Contacts/Leads may be in multiple campaigns that are being done by different folks. We can't figure out an efficient way for the Sales Staff to know which contacts/leads they are responsible for in a given campaing.

At a mimum I would like to find a way to do round robin contact assignment and how can i achieve this?





Hi Deepak,

In case you wish to use a very flexible login and mode of assignment of lead to your sales team and subsequently informing about the same too to them, I would would suggest do take the apex route , of assigning and sending out email to your sales team, it will give lot of control on the flow of process.

But the next issue which you may encounter is how to trigger your custom apex code:-

  • trigger
  • or you would like to use schedulable apex (I think this should be the route to take)

Hope this helps...