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Display pop-up in Salesforce as they log-in for the first time - urgent!!

I want to display Use Policy(i.e., check box) as a pop-up as soon as they login to Salesforce for the first time. This should happen for existing users who are going to see Chatter for the first time or new SF users. User should not be able to proceed till the User policy has been accepted. 
Also we need to track the acceptance to the Use Policy(add attribute to User record, maybe date and time to track who has accepted to have read the policy)
Please share your thoughts like how can we achive this. 
Also share us with sample files if any..
Thanks in advance..

In the standard user object, you can create all these custom fields

Check box -- Use Policy

Date/time -- to store when the page was updated.


One possible approach is --

In the tab that gets loaded first, you can write a visualforce page with an action method. The action method can check if the use policy field is set to true. If this is false, then we redirect to a page with the acceptance policy.




How can we identify tab gets loaded first.


Can you share sample code which help us greatly..



You can specify the default tab on app level.  Just go to Apps under Set up - Create - Apps and edit the App.

john sanjohn san

Did you find an answer to this problem?  I have the same issue.