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placing <apex:inputfield tag> in sites

Hi all,

      i try to place the <apex:inputfield value="{!edate.startdate__c}"/> in sites. This field appears in vf page. but not visible in public site.How to enable this.Any one can u plase help me .


Thanks in advance



is this field is avaialeble to the site guest user or not?

Shailesh DeshpandeShailesh Deshpande

HI Anu,


Please make sure that your the field that you are using is available in site. For this goto:


Setup --> Develop --> Sites, and then select your Force.com Site detail page. Here you'll find the button called Public Access Settings


Here you can check the permissions that are available for the user of your site and the objects, fields that can be available on site page.


If the field you are using on your VF page is not available for the site page, it will not apper. So please add that field so that it is available on the site page. 


For more details please visit the following link:







 Thank u for ur reply.

      This field is available for guest user.but its not visible in site for entering the from date for checking the search functionality.

please can u help me. thanks in advance.