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Delete Case Notes And Attachment Problem

Hi All , 

please help me out.

I want to delete the case notes & attachment and I am a user with Read , Create , Edit , Delete  permission.

Once I try to delete attchment raise error Insufficient prevelages.


Once I did it Modify All Data Permission then only I am able to delete the case attachment. But I dont want to give Modify All data permission.


How can be do that , is there any other way to handle this .






What are OWD settings for Case ?

For deleting an attachment , you must have  edit permission on record(not just object).

Are you able to edit the record ?



Hi ,

Thanks for reply ,

OWD is Private , I had set the access permission from Profile Read,Create,Edit,Delete , but delete button is visible to user but when he click on delete then insufficient privelages.

How can we set record lavel permission as delete . its manual sharig which is only read only or read write.


I am able to edit the record but not delete the record because I am not the record owner. If I would the record owner only then I would be able to delete the Case Record & Attachment as well.



Vinayak GaneshVinayak Ganesh

Hi Vijay,

Did we get a solution for this issue