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error: line breaks not allowed in string literals

PageReference p = new PageReference('/00OM0000000SNVS+?pv0=’+ stringUrl);


the error says "line breaks not allowed in string literals at line 17 column -1"


Can anyone pls help to fix thsi error



Baktash H.Baktash H.

i have copied and pasted your code in my eclipse and it says the same.

you have used the wrong quotes.


PageReference p = new PageReference('/00OM0000000SNVS+?pv0='+ stringUrl);

Take this or try again with right quotes.


Hi, i'm assuming /00OM0000000SNVS is a record id and you want to add information to the url.

If so you don't need the + infront of the ?. So it should look like:


                    PageReference p = new PageReference('/00OM0000000SNVS?pv0=' + stringUrl);


Dont forget if you are referencing a vf page created with the apex editor you need to put /apex/ then you page name.