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How do i redirect all SF exceptions to my email irrespective of who crated it.

Hi Folks,


My Q is : How do i redirect all SF exception (like cutom validation.  Trigger  exceptions etc) to my email irrespective of who crated it.


I have trigger which is written by some 'X' and any exception occurs those error/exceptions mails are sent automatically to that 'x' , now the user 'x' not exist in the organization but user 'X' still exist in Salesforce(as Inactive) now i want to redirect all exceptions and errors to my email.


How can i achieve it. any help appreciated.(With coe and any suggestions)




Edit that trigger with your user name and save it.

Enable your user ID to receive the exception errors .







  Thx for your reply.


Here we can edit & save it and my name appears on trigger(modified by) as i changed it but still created by will be the name of the user who created it, so emails will go to him only.


I guess, the other way around we can delete the trigger and recreate it with my credentials. So is it the right way to do it?

Please let me know if any other ways.


any helpappreciated..