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Visual Flow/Flow Designer



I am working on creating a flow for the customer portal and need to display the portal user information on the flow. I tried to create Procee.Plugin class but it is not working. 

Can anyone help me with this ?


Below is the code that I tired: this code is just to return the Id of the user.

global class customerportal implements Process.Plugin {
global Process.PluginResult invoke(Process.PluginRequest request) {
    String userId=UserInfo.getUserId();
    Map<String,Object> result = new Map<String,Object>();
    return new Process.PluginResult(result);
    // Returns the describe information for the interface
    global Process.PluginDescribeResult describe() {
        Process.PluginDescribeResult result = new Process.PluginDescribeResult();
        result.inputParameters = new List<Process.PluginDescribeResult.InputParameter>{};
        result.outputParameters = new
        List<Process.PluginDescribeResult.OutputParameter>{ };
    return result;