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Can we customize the CTI app after integrating it with Salesforce.com instance?

Dear Folks,


I had the below requirement related to CTI integration with Salesforce.com.


Dialer/Telephony- I need an intuitive dialer system integrated with the CRM which will allow me to run “Progressive Dialing”  where on a given day a list of customers would be populated into the dialer and then the agent would be able to click to dial each lead one at a time making notes and “dispositioning” along the way.  Administrator would be able to set parameters where the agent would be moved to the next call automatically after a period of inactivity. 


Alternatively, the system should allow for “Predictive dialing”  which would support a more rapid outbound calling atmosphere.  The dialer and CRM must be tightly integrated so that all call notes and activity in the dialer will be noted in the CRM under the customer’s account.  THE DIALER MUST BE ABLE TO GENERATE CALLS INTERNALLY UTILIZING THEIR CURRENT PHONE SYSTEM RATHER THAN BOUNCING OFF 3rd  PARTY PHONE SERVERS.


Please help me out with your thoughts and suggestions on the above CTI integration requirement.


Thanks in advance,

Jagadeesh K.