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Visual force ----Custom Clone button


It's created because you're inserting the clone as soon as it's been made, obviously so you can use it for the standard event page.

What you need to do is use your own custom VF page for viewing and editing events (leverage apex:detail and the standard controller to make your life easier). Change your clone button to open this page passing in the original event for display. The clone button then just needs to fire an action to replace the loaded record with the clone, and you can then display a save button which will insert the record.


Hope that makes sense!


could you help me with the code


as like the same task

student name,rollno,marks1,2,3, grade information is stored

in the visual force page -------------enter ur roll no:

                                                                submit button

find the matching record in Database.

using controler class.



please writen the code, in the apex language i dont know the minimum i/p o/p statements.