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hat is diff b/w Profile and Role?

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What is diff b/w Profile and Role?


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High level?


Role states what you can see, with hierarchy

Profile states what you can do with the records you have access to.


You can also use profile to set field level security, etc. but that is not high level.

Praveen rajPraveen raj

----Profile is a collections of  settings & permissions for accesing the records. 1)A Profile controls pagelayouts,field level security,Tabs,Apps,Pages,Record types and other Stuff.2) In profile we have permission to create ,Edit, Delete .


---Role is a level wise visibility of data. Role wont control any thing apart from visiblility of data.


Note : While creating USER , Profile is the mandatory field and Role is optional Field.








Profiles control-

The objects the user can access
The fields of the object the user can access
The tabs the user can access
The apps the user can access
The page layout that is assigned to the user
The record types available to the user

Profile is required field on User

Role control-
Record level access can be controlled by Role. Depending on your sharing settings, roles can control the level of visibility that users have into your organization’s data. Users at any given role level can view, edit, and report on all data owned by or shared with users below them in the hierarchy, unless your organization’s sharing model for an object specifies otherwise.


Role is not a required field on User layout.


Hope this helps.:)