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Bug - Eclipse IDE can't see or deploy dashboards?

It looks like the latest version of the IDE is broken for Dashboards -

1. It won't add dashboards using add/remove components

2. If you add them manually by editing package.xml, you can read the Dashboard xml by refreshing from the server, but you can't edit, or save changes or deploy. If you look at the force.com properties for the dashboards, it shows them as type Unknown, belonging to a package named Dashboards.


I'm pretty sure this worked on earlier versions of the IDE, but I'm not sure if the latest (24) was the one that broke it.


Has anyone seen this, or have any suggestions?


I aam also facing same issue. Can anyone help in this regard.


FYI - I ended up using the ANT migration toolkit. It works.


I have created folder for dashboard and created dashboard. I m failing to make entry for dashboard in package.xml. I am doing following      "<types>         <members>dash</members>   <members>dash/customer_report</members>         <name>Dashboard</name>     </types>  "
getting following error
[sf:retrieve] package.xml - Cannot retrieve documents in a user's private folder ; move the document to a named folder


Jason LawrenceJason Lawrence

This is a known issue, add your name here: http://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p30000000Re2SAAS and hopefully this will get fixed soon.