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Remove 'Public and Private' tagging from being required in managed package

We have a managed package app that currently requires 'Public and Private Tagging' to be enabled by default for the org that is to be installed into.


This requirement is Auto Detected by the package uploader.


I have been tasked to get this requirement to go away. 


I have replaced all references to '__tag' with 'dynamic DML', except for @RemoteAction annotated methods that return types containing: "__tag"


The API reports: 

Save error: Global/WebService identifiers cannot be removed from managed application: Method: LIST<Task__Tag> recordTags

 Is there anyway around this so I can change the return types to: sObject or another datastructure that will allow me to avoid the installation requirement in the package uploader.



Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

Salesforce has reported to us that this is only possible via two routes:


1. 'Roll-back', ask all managed package installations to uninstall the package. At which point the elements in question will be unlocked and allowed to be re-added as beta components.


2. Create a new 'Namespaced' package based on the original code, resubmit for security review, and ask any users whom you wish to have the updated code, to uninstall your original package, and than install this new package.