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Extention Test Class

Hello Again - I know i really have issues with test classes. if any one has any tip sheets on the it would be awesome.


I need help on this Extention


public with sharing class ResumeExtension {

            List<Resume_Subscriptions__c> subscriptions { get; set; }

             public ResumeExtension( ApexPages.StandardSetController stdController ) {
               subscriptions = ( List<Resume_Subscriptions__c> ) stdcontroller.getSelected();

            public PageReference newSave() { 

                        Set<Id> activeUserIds = new Set<Id>();

                        for( Resume_Subscriptions__c rs : subscriptions ) {

                             if(rs.Active__c && activeUserIds.contains( rs.User__c ) || rs.Active__c && rs.Active_Contact_RS_Count__c ==1 ) {
                             rs.Active__c = false;
                             rs.User__c.addError( 'You cannot have two active resumes with the same user. Your Changes have been saved, PLEASE CLICK DONE' );

                             else if( rs.Active__c ) {
                             activeUserIds.add( rs.User__c );}


                       upsert subscriptions;

                        return null ;   // change this to return the page you want.

 you help is much appriciated


Rajesh SriramuluRajesh Sriramulu



try this


@is Test

private class ResumeExtension_test{

static testmethod void ResumeExtension_test(){


ResumeExtension re = new ResumeExtension();

Resume_Subscriptions__c rsr= new Resume_Subscriptions__c();

//insert the values init and according to if conditions