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Problem with SOQL Query



I am trying to create a trigger that creates junction object record only if it finds records in the query that i specified. For some reason the parameters that I specify in my query does not seem to be working right. Here is my code:


trigger testCreateHoliday on Leave_Request__c (after insert) {
    Leave_Request__c insertLR = new Leave_Request__c();
    Date startDate = insertLR.Request_Start_Date__c;
    Date endDate = insertLR.Request_End_Date__c;
    Decimal testnum = insertLR.testnum__c;
    List<Holiday__c> allHoliday=[SELECT ID FROM Holiday__c Where Holiday_Start_Date__c >: startDate AND
                                 Holiday_Start_Date__c <: endDate ORDER BY Holiday_Start_Date__c
    insertLR = trigger.new[0];
    Integer x = allHoliday.size();
    List<LR_and_Holiday__c> lrholidaylist = new List<LR_and_Holiday__c>();
    if(x > 0){
        for (Integer i = 1; i<=x; i++){
            LR_and_Holiday__c lrholiday = new LR_and_Holiday__c();
            lrholiday.Leave_Request__c = insertLR.ID;
            lrholiday.Holiday__c = allholiday[(x-1)].ID;

I think it may be the way that I instaniated the Leave_Request object.


Please help.


Thank you.


Please do the system debug for 


Date startDate = insertLR.Request_Start_Date__c;
Date endDate = insertLR.Request_End_Date__c;


I think You are not getting anything in this ..



Ah all good. I fixed it. There was a problem with the way I was instaniating the Leave Request object. 


Thanks for your help.