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line -1, column -1: Previous load of class failed: mycontrollername

line -1, column -1: Previous load of class failed: mycontrollername

This seems to have started to happened in Spring '12.


We first started to notice it in an installation of a managed package that was being migrated from a Sandbox to Production on 'Enterprise Unlimited' without chatter enabled.


Here is what we have done so far (this error seemed to be somewhat related to referencing :


1. Our app was designed to support both chatter enabled/disabled orgs. We used recommended procedures (Dynamic DML, Dynamic SOQL, etc.)  to avoid any installation errors surrounding 'chatter required'.


2. We removed all test methods that attempted to reference the Chatter related fields (would have resulted in Apex test method failures at installation times) There are now no test method failures.


3. Upgraded all classes to API V.24


4. Removed double keyworked annotations from classes that were doubly notated: "public webservice __" now they are just: "webservice __" (using 'public' and 'webservice' on the same method would not compile into API V.24)


5. Ran 'Recompile All Classes' before and after installing the latest 'Patched' version into the Org.


6. Uninstalled and reinstalled the package completely.


7. Verified the App runs normally in the sandbox, and all classes have a check next to the 'Is Valid' column.


Any thoughts going forward?


Additional Posts which seem to be related (most are relatively recent which leads me to believe this issue occurs more recently in Spring '12)






This is a 'compilation' error. 


Classes are failing to compile. But of course, the ARE COMPILED before upload and distribute a managed package.


How is it possible that we could distribute a managed package of non-compiled code?


Also, some of the classes install into our test deployment org (after being uploaded as a managed beta) with the 'Is Valid' flag unchecked, after hitting 'compile classes', in the test org, they compile and the 'Is Valid' flag is now checked.


However, this is still failing at some remote sandbox instances?!


Another error that seems to persist is: "Stack pointer is null"


Hi Jordan,


   I am also getting same error like what you have went through previously. 


  Here is my error description.  

  1.   If I test my all classes and test class in version 23, I got this error for my test case:  line -1, column -1: Previous load of class failed:      knowledgecontroller 
  2.  If i test my all classes and test code in version 24, I got this error for my test case:  System.ListException: List index out of bounds: 0
  Before my sandbox refreshment, It got 97% test coverage.
  Here "knowledgecontroller"  is a controller which already existed (Is that a package?)

  If so, problem with package installation?  Do We need to UnInstall the package an d re install it?
 Any help would be appreciated..