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Order of Multi-Picklist Values

Hi, is the order of values I pass to a multi select picklist of importance? For example, there is a multi select picklist field whose values are defined in the order of "A;B;C;D" in SFDC Setup. If I want to update that field via web service API do I have to pass the values in the defined order or can I pass it like "B;C;A"? Thanks in advance,

You can pass them in any order - I've just tried this on my dev org and set a monthly picklist to 'dec; jan; jun'.  When retrieved from the database it has been re-ordered into 'jan; jun; dec;'

Never too late to contribute a more detailed answer :)

This article 
points out that when you reorder values, the result after that reordering will differ in the UI and in the database (SOQL).

What I understand (and this is only my point of view) is that :
- the order in the database is constant : it is the order in which the values were chosen initially (or recorded initially ?)
- the order in which values are displayed in the UI respect the order of picklist values defined in the field *when they are displayed*

HTH, have a good one, Rupert