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Trigger not firing after cascading formula field updates

Hi All,


I have a trigger that creates / updates / deletes calendar events depending on the field values on a custom object. The field it references is a formula look up on another field in the same object, which in turn is a formula field look up on a field in another custom object.


What I'd like is the formula fields to cascade the changes, which it does, but the trigger does not fire to update the calendar events.


Hope someone can help and that it's something simple i've missed / overlooked.


Thanks in advance.




As dumb luck may have it, think I might have just stumbled upon the answer to my question: here,


I would appreciate it if someone can confirm whether this is the case and explain what is meant by "we need to separately Fire an UPDATE statement for any trigger to fire even if I know that a particular Formula field do updates automatically.".


Having read that sentance, it sounds like a workaround to the problem, but I don't understand where to "fire an UPDATE statement" from (after the formula field update), to enable my trigger to run.


Again, help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance