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Labs "Inline Account Hierarchy" requires update access on Accounts

We are using the Inline Account Hierarchy from Force.com labs (http://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N300000016chCEAQ) but it requires update rights on the account table to work - otherwise the message ""Content cannot be displayed: Update access denied for Account"" is shown in place of the VF page part.

I've looked in the various Apex code but not been able to find out where it is it tries to update the account object, and if it either can be avoided, or solved using field level security.

Anyone got any hints? Thanks.





Did a full debug of a pageview, as you can see below there is no update statements, so I assume this can not be solved? :(



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Aaron EngelAaron Engel

We had the same issue and found that removing the reference to the inline account hierarchy component and putting all of the component code in the page, fixed the isssue.