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Display message on detail page after saving the record

Hi Friends, 

i need to display a message "create child record" on top of the detail page after user save the record.


please help me out its urgent....


whether it is custom detail page or standard detail page?


if it is custom page the u can use <apex:pagemessage>


or u need to write a home page component script to acheive this....


Please elaborate your requirement . 






If it is std. detail layout on which you want to show the message, you could create a simple VF page that shows "Create child record" message when CreatedDate == LastModifiedDate of that object. Then include that VF page in layout at the top under a new section. The logic is whenever  a new record is created CreatedDate and LastModified Dates are same. If you do this in VF component, you can have it independently regardless of std/custom detail.


Hi John have u got any solution for this, plz rep ASAP