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Passing in initial values to a VF page via something other than URL params?

I have a VF page [A] which I would like to have open another page [B].  [A] needs to send some information to [B] (a few ID's).  I can do what I want just fine by using getParameters().put('param1', 'param1 value') on the PageReference I'm creating in [A].  The problem is that the values are being sent as url parameters ('?param1=param1 value').  This makes my URL ugly, and also is a bit misleading, because the values I'm sending in are only for INITIAL values (which change as the user interacts with the page).  Seeing them persist in the browser's address bar is confusing.


So my question is:  Is there any way to pass a value from [A] to [B] such that they do not show up in the browser's bar?  I guess I could just really quickly shove the values into a cookie, but that seems like a weird way to do it.