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Shiv ShankarShiv Shankar 

Test class

Hi friends i have deployed one trigger earlier in production with it's test class ...on that time it has 96% test coverage.....after a few days when i am runing test for this test class in production it showing 0% coverage(also trigger name is not coming for testing)....eventhough trigger is achiving it's target and functionality(trigger is activated)....why it's happening please let me know as soon as possible because of it i am not able to deploy some more classes and triggers......thanks


Hi Shankar,


Other triggers are effecting on the test class, due to this scenario test coverage gone to 0% and it will not shown when we "run all the Test". I think you might have delpoyed some other tiggers into production .

For that one u need to test again in QA(Sandbox) with new triggers(deployed recently ).



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Can you please let me know what error r u getting while validating the code to PD.