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Inbound Change Set Error: System.LimitException: Too many DML rows: 10001


I have a problem validating an inbound change set from a sandbox. The change set consists of 4 custom objects and some email templates. I was getting errors originally with workflow rules, so I deleted all the workflow rules.

Now I get one "FAILED" deployment result as follows:


API NameTypeLineColumnProblem: deletecontroller.Testdeletedata()

Class 12

Failure Message: "System.LimitException: Too many DML rows: 10001", Failure Stack Trace: "Class.deletecontroller.deletedata: line 13, column 1 Class.deletecontroller.Testdeletedata: line 18, column 1"


I have tried object by object deployment to isolate the error, and I still get the same error.

Any suggestions for help on getting rid of or isolating the error?


Its a problem with your deleteController class. the query in the class might be returning more that 10,000 rows. So you need to do a workaround on the deletecontroller class


Can You Post Your Code to find out error.