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jQuery TableSorter with Apex not working in IE 9

I am using jQuery TableSorter with Apex for my custom page. I have to display a table with 6 coulmns. 2 of them are input column.

My code is similar to this blog


The jQuery Table Sorter JS plugin works great in sorting table with each coulmn & in multiple column sorting too. It works perfectly in many browsers like FF, Chrome, IE 8.

But with IE 9 alone I have a problem. The sorting is still working. But when ever I try to sort the table even once, it errases all the available input value to null. The null values are not shown in the Page while sorting. But after clicking submit button, in my Apex method, all the values are passed as null.

Since jQuery tablesorter gives me easy & more functionlity than apex, I would like to stick with it insted of creating many classes for asc & dec sorting for each column.

Please help.

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Finally found the problem!

It works with IE 9 compatibility mode & doesn't work with IE 9 normal mode.

So I have added a check in my program. If end user is using IE 9 normal incompatibility mode, then I disable the sorting functionality alone.