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can visual flow solve the issue?


i need some help in designing a solution, a custom activity tracker for sales reps on the Account object..
Back Ground:

Sales Reps do two kinds of activities: 
1) Visiting a Customer and talking about Opportunities 
2) Visiting a Customer and servicing the products ( Non-selling activities) ( example: if a Product the customer is already buying from us is on a back order, they discuss with the customer which should be captured as an activity).
On a customer visit, the sales rep might talk to more than 1 contact. they should have the ability to associate multiple contacts to the visit/activity.
if they discuss about an opportunity, ability to add contact roles as well to the opportunity.
They should also have the ability to associate any existing opportunities to their visit as the opportunity moves along its sales cycle.
i am uncertain where to start, the solution should have a single interface to capture this and also be mobile ready and integrated with outlook for calendar management.
do we need visual flow to do this or customize the acitivity object? any ideas to get started would be highly appreciated.