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Datebase.saveResult returns only the first error

When invoking Datebase.saveResult and trying to collect the errors, it only seems to get the  first error and ignores other errors.

For example suppose i have 2 fields on an object and have validation on each of them. If I try and get the errors via getErrors(), only the error on the first field is retrieved. This seems different from how the errors are show on the UI - both validation errors are show on the UI.


Can you Post Your 2 line Code .where you are saving records.


Below is a code snippet. The error size is always 1 and it seems like it only puts the last error encountered into the list. seems like a bug to me.


List<Temp__c> tempList = new List<Temp__c>();
tempList.add(new Temp__c());

Integer i =0;
Database.SaveResult[] sResults;
sResults = Database.insert(tempList,false);
for(Database.SaveResult sr : sResults){
if(!sr.isSuccess()) {
System.debug(Logginglevel.ERROR,'Error Size' + sr.getErrors().size());
for(Integer j =0 ; j < sr.getErrors().size();j++){
String errMessage = sr.getErrors()[j].getMessage();
System.debug('Error Message' + errMessage);
System.debug(Logginglevel.ERROR,'Field Names' + sr.getErrors()[j].getFields());


In the trigger I have validation like the following


Temp__c temp = (Temp__c)newLine;
temp.Field1__c.addError('Field1  error');
temp.Field2__c.addError('Field2 Error');
temp.addError('Error while inserting'); 


Always only the last addError message seems to show up.