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How to update field when record is edited.

I have contact object, in that it haveing two fields.

in my scnerio when record is created on contact object,then we need to edit the field1,then after need to updated field2.how it possible 


Thanks in advance



You can write workflow on contact as per your condition and set two field update action for field updation.


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Two field updation means, when recrord is created we change the field1 value,when  the field 1 value changed need to update field.give me brief answer


Thanks In advance


Waiting for your reply plesae answer my question..........


You can have two workflows. When first record is edited create a workflow with a field update which updates field1 also check checkbox to Re evaluate the workflows, then in another workflow which checks for field1 update will be triggerred and there you can update field2.