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Using Long Text Area field in SELECT query returns less number of records

Adding a Long Text Area field in a Select query then it returns weird number of records then actual records available or returned when using select query without Long Text Area field.

However, adding more than one Long Text Area field in select query, number of records decreased even more as compared to those which returned with single Long Text Area field.

Let Say :

We have two Object A & B. B is A child and have two long text area fields lat sat Long_Desc_1 and Long_Desc_2.

Number of A's record exists : more than 5000
Number of B's record exists : more than 3000

where around 2900 B's record belongs to a single Parent record.

Query results :
  1. Select Long_Desc_1 from B    (Returns exact 2000 records)
  2. Select Long_Desc_1, Long_Desc_2 from B    (Returns exact 1000 records)
  3. Select Id, (Select Long_Desc_1 from B) from A     (Returns around 3700 records)
  4. Select Id, (Select Long_Desc_1, Long_Desc_2 from B) from A  (Returns around 3200 records)
Not able to find any documented Limitation on Long Text Area field and not able to find any exact pattern for returned number of records.

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I have tested this again in Salesforce Summer'12 release and its working expected.

Salesforce has fixed this issue in its new release :)