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Variable does not exist: Account.Name

Hi All,


This is a strange one.  I receieved this error message today when trying to save changes to a newly created class.  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  I am also receiving a number of other unexplained error message, and I am thinking they are all related?  Was any changes made to SFDC recently?


on u r VF page u r using standared controler as account ???

 & also u r using this page for update existing record ???


Do you have a class named Account?  That would cause the error.

Anu Raj.ax1269Anu Raj.ax1269

can you please tell us what are you trying to do, and how?


Sorry guys, my bad - I had created a global class named 'Account' and that is why I was receivingn this error.  Interestingly though, should Account not be a reservered keyword?