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Anil DuttAnil Dutt 

Sort object fields in same order as presented in Salesforce



I have a custom object which has a field Name datatype AutoNumber. The data display in the list has different order . when i fetch records and sort it on Name asc record comes in same order but in List presented in salesforce has Sort By: --Default-- and is not in sorted order, it seems random


List in Salesforce shows Like this


Airlien  Name                                                  E-Ticket#

Air India                                                           1118

Kingfisher                                                        1115

Indigo                                                               1116

Spice Jet                                                         1117

Jet Airways                                                      1119



So not sure on which field data is sorted


For explanationi added E-Ticket number here, i have not included it in the actuall list, if include yes i can set sort by to this coulmn but i can't show this fiedl in list.


I hope i explained my point


Thaks in advance


I believe the default order should be "ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC" for most lists.