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Is there a way to override ownerid when inserting activity data for a portal session?

I have a client who has some code that automatically adds a notes task when a case is closed. It works fine except when a portal user closes their case, then I get this error:


First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, Portal user can't own an activity: []


Is there a way to get around this issue and still insert an activity record when running as a PU? Can I override the user session limitations and add records as a system admin in the class?


You can display that object as a vf page and create a custom save method which assigns the owner id of your choosing.


You can create a trigger on Task and Event objects:


trigger ActivityOwner on Task (before insert) {
    Set<String> portalProfile = new Set<String>();
    for(Profile p : [SELECT ID FROM Profile WHERE Name like '%Portal%'])
    for(Task t : Trigger.new)
            t.OwnerId = 'SF_USER_ID';