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Branding Apex REST URLs

I'm looking into the option of building a public facing REST based API on force.com but there is one issue about this that sticks out. Unlike public Visualforce pages, in which you can provide a custom URL (sort of, SSL is still not fully branded) there is no way to setup custom URLs for Apex REST or SOAP services. This includes logging in and invoking actions.


Even if we could brand these Apex Web Services we would still have the SSL issue. If salesforce.com wants force.com to become a real option for buidling services on it this issue needs to be addressed.


In the mean time is anyone familiar with work arounds? A proxy server perhaps that simply redirects requests to salesforce.com? I have no idea if this would work, just throwing out ideas.





There is no "native" workaround for this because of the issues you mention. I built a proxy in node.js before against the REST API that would accomplish this quite easily. A proxy service is probably the only option that you have.


What 3xx status code are you returning on the redirect?


Any chance you can share the node.js code. I imagine it can't be too long or complex.


This is what I was messing with before. I never really tested this fully but it seemed to do what I wanted it to do.