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Relation between a junction object and master object relationship??????????

Hey There,

I had 3 objects namely objA, objB, objC.

I have build a master-detail relationship between objA and objB.

Now i had a junction object JUNOBJ1.(Till now its like objA and objB are master objects and JUNCOBJ1 is detail object)


Now i am trying to create master detail relationship between junction object JUNOBJ1 and objC. So the junction object JUNCOBJ1 and objC will become masters here.And  new junction object JUNOBJ2 will be detail  here.


My question is in first case JUNOBJ1 is detail and can it become master in 2nd case.

Is there any way to build relationship of many to many to many between 3 objects.

Please clarify!!!!!!!!!


Saikishore Reddy AengareddySaikishore Reddy Aengareddy

As per the Docs you cannot have a object as both master and detail... but in reality you can do that.


Look at this post..