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How to include the Search functionality in Salesforce.com

Hi all, 


Is this possible to include Search box on standard page or Visualforce page.?


What my question is?


suppose if iclick any tab on salesforce then we go to the standard page. In this, new button will come and end of new button row one picklist is available (recently created, recently modified, recently viewed). 


In this i want to insert one box like search box. For this what i will do?



The purpose of this question is, suppose i have 50 records in one tab, but everytime i won't click next or previous or 1-10 of 50 link buttons. For this if i enter the first two letters of one record i want to populate that record. 



so anyone give me the reply as soon as possible...


and finally Is this possible?>



Hello tganikumar,


     just you can click on "Go" button then you can see all records if you would  serach for a record you can click on A,B,C .... Z

then Appropriate record will displayed.



       Did this answer please accept as a solution.