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Launch Force.com IDE on Mac

I've successfully installed the Force.com IDE on my Mac, but now I can't figure out how to launch it!


I've looked in Applications and found both a Pulse and a salesforce.com folder.  The Pulse folder just has a copy of the installer and an uninstaller; salesforce.com has a Force.com IDE folder with an uninstaller.


If I launch the installer, there's an option to launch the IDE, but I'd like to just launch the IDE directly.


Where is it hiding?  After launching, I found "~/Library/salesforce.com/Force.com IDE.app" in my process list.  Is it OK to launch that directly?


Hi I had the same problem.


It is in the Library folder which is a hidden folder on your mac. For example...


/Users/yourusername/Library/salesforce.com/Force.com IDE.app


You can unhide Library like this...


When you have a finder window open, hold down the alt key and click on the Go menu option. This will enable access to the Library folder.