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Force.com IDE warning that files in .git subdirectory only saved locally, not to server

We're using Git to manage our project, since multiple developers are working with it and we want to have a revision history.


We're also using the Force.com IDE for development.


I'm now seeing "File only saved locally, not to server" warnings in the Problems tab for each file in the .git subdirectory, which exists at the same level as the src subdirectory.


I'm surprised that the IDE is trying to push those files up to the Salesforce server.  Is there any way to configure the IDE to ignore that directory?



Hi Tom,


If I got understood correctly you are trying to make some changes in the local directory in eclipse and once you are in middle of changes you are getting the warning/error messages.

For this you have to uncheck Buld Automatically from Project tab of eclipse.





No, I'm saying that Force.com IDE (Eclipse) is trying to send my .git directory up to my Developer Account.  I'd like to configure Force.com to ignore that directory when it performs its synchronization.  It would be nice if it was configured with a fixed list of assets to send (src, salesforce.schema) and ignore all others.  I imagine someone using SVN would run into even more trouble, since there's a .svn directory in each subdirectory.

I would definitely like to know how to prevent this as well.

I've asked this question on the Salesforce Stack Exchange beta as well (no answers yet):  http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/q/963/450