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Add Value to Detail Page Header

Does anyone know of a way to add a value to the Deatil Page Header?  I have a custom object with a bunch of fields that users complete.  From those fields, a score is calculated.  There are 4 sections on the custom object, each with a different score.  I want users to have the ability to expand and collapse each section as needed (which is accomplished with the Detail Page Headers), but I also want them to be able to see the value for that section, regardless of whether it is expanded or collapsed.  Is this possible and has anyone done anything similar?  Thanks.




         You can customize the whole detail page of respective object.

          1. You can create new visualforce page with standard controller as same detail page

          2. In this visualforce page you can alterate/customize as you want  header, etc

          3. Now assign in 'Standard Buttons and Links'  Edit Label of respective object.